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Alex uses authentic Italian cultivation methods so everything is produced as nature naturally made it - clean, organic and pure.

We use our fresh farm eggs in our Tiramisu, our fresh tomatoes, onions, garlic and basil in our sauces, and fresh lettuces for our salads and more! Our customers rave daily about the taste and freshness of our food. We truly provide a Farm-to-Table experience! 

Our Garden 

Gourmet Italia has a 6 acre garden that supplies year round seasonal produce to all of our restaurants - Gourmet Italia, Spuntino Pizzeria, and The Bar Next Door. The garden is planted seasonally in both winter and summer with tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini, squash, spinach, lettuce, onion, chives, mint, rosemary, parsley, radish, oregano and more are grown. We have fruits such as avocado, oranges, lemons, fig, peaches, apricots, cactus fruit and more. Lastly, free range and pasture raised chickens live happily among the Prestifilippo's as they produce approximately 100 eggs per day!

Our Olive Oil & Poggio Leano Winene

We have different varieties of Olives, Arbequina from Spain, and Leccino from Umbria, Nocellara del Belice, Frantoio from Toscana which are harvested and pressed into "First Press extra virgin olive oil" used both in cooking and as dressing. Additionally, we have 9 varieties of grapes, Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, Nero D'Avola, Syrah, Pinot Nero, Malbec, Cataratto, Moscato Canelli which are harvested, bottled and labeled, "Poggio Leano" meaning "grown on the hillside". These wines can be found exclusively at Gourmet Italia, the Wine Room & Lounge, Spuntino Pizzeria & the Bar Next Door. 


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